Access by train on Saturday 14/04

Dear Spectators,

Saturday 14/04 is a SNCF strike day. The Monte-Carlo Country Club train stop is closed.
However, some trains will be running (and departing) from the Monaco Monte-Carlo station. The trains indicated in red below will be connected to a free shuttle service (on presentation of your tournament ticket) to take you to the gates of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters.


From Cannes/Nice:

n°86009 : 07h32 (origine Nice)
n°86019 : 09h31*
n°86025 : 10h30*
n°86029 : 11h30*

From Vintimille:

n°86006 : 06h57*
n°86016 : 08h58*
n°86026 : 10h56
n°86032 : 11h57
n°86036 : 12h58


To Cannes:

n°86064 : 17h00*
n°86068 : 18h00*
n°86078 : 20h00

To Vintimille:

n°86049 : 15h33
n°86055 : 16h36*
n°86065 : 18h38*
n°86077 : 20h43

*Shuttle bus Station/Tourament

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