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Ticket Sales terms

1 – Purchasing a TICKET (whether in paper or e-ticket form) implies acceptance of the provisions below. No other special condition may prevail over the Ticket Sales Terms of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters. Any conflicting condition, in particular as regards to purchase, will be unenforceable.

2 – The choice of seats for reservation: if the chosen location is no longer available, the Ticket Service reserves the right to allocate any equivalent seat in category and price.
Special offers:
– For tennis clubs purchasing a minimum of 10 tickets for the same day, on the same court, same category (subject to seat availablility). Invoices can only be made out to Tennis Clubs (offer not available online).
– With the “full price” Court Rainier III ticket, it is possible to acquire the same day a Court des Princes ticket with a discount rate (offer not available online).

3TICKETS (purchased through ticket reservations or at the Tournament entrances), as well as Grand Nuit du Tennis vouchers cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded, except in the event of rain (see no.19) or force majeure (see no. 20).
TICKETS do not benefit from a right of retraction. All purchases are therefore firm and definitive.

4 – The purchase of TICKETS may be subject to reservation fees (e-ticket 6 euros, paper ticket 10 euros).
Any invoice issued for the purchase of one or more TICKETS will be issued exclusively in the name of the purchaser.
Any payment incident occurring on the online ticket sales (in particular an error in 3D Secure information) automatically results in the non-validation of the order.

5 – Purchases of TICKETS from sources other than the on-site ticket offices or through unofficial websites are at the risk and peril of the purchaser who may be prohibited from entering the Tournament without any compensation.
Only the official Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters resale site guarantees the validity of a TICKET.

6 – The official resale service is available for any ticket, excluding tickets with a discounted rate (CR CdP and Tennis Clubs), disabled access tickets, the Hospitality Packages, Boxes and Grande Nuit du Tennis Packages.
The S.M.E.T.T. provides ticket holders with a secure online resale platform that guarantees ticket validity.
The seller benefits from the service until 9:00 a.m. on the relevant day.
Tickets can only be resold at the price of face value with a 20% holdback.
If the sale is concluded, the reseller will receive payment 15 days after the repurchase date of the ticket.

7 – Entry to the Tournament is free for children under 5 accompanied by at least one responsible person (on presentation of an identity document). Since no seat is allocated to them, they must necessarily sit on their accompanying person’s lap (not applicable in the event of social distancing).

8 – Disabled people wishing to make a reservation must contact the ticket/sales department before the start of the Tournament in order to benefit from adapted access and specific conditions (subject to availability).

9 – The match programmes are provided for information only. Any cancellation, postponement, interruption or modification, which may be decided upon by the Tournament organisation committee cannot give rise to any TICKET exchange or refund, except in the event of rain (see no. 19) or force. majeure (see no. 20).

10 – The TICKET is only valid for the indicated date, court and category.
It will be electronically checked at the entrance to the site and must then be presented during any security check inside the tournament grounds.
It should be kept by its holder in the event of a refund due to rain or force majeure.

11 – Any exit from the tournament grounds is final.

12 – In the event of loss or theft of the TICKET, any request for a duplicate will be examined by the Tournament management, which will decide whether or not to issue a new ticket. This may lead to additional costs. (Exclusively reserved for original tickets issued by S.M.E.T.T., reserved for the holder of the order).

13 – The e-tickets are strictly nominative and must imperatively be printed at 100% on white A4 paper, blank on both sides, without modification of the print size, in landscape format (horizontal), in colour or in black and white, with a laser or inkjet printer. Partially printed, soiled, damaged or illegible e-tickets will not be accepted and will be considered invalid.
They cannot be presented on a smartphone or tablet under any circumstances. Without a printed e-ticket, no access will be allowed.
An e-ticket is for single use. The identity of each e-ticket holder will be checked at the Tournament entrances. Access will be refused to anyone who cannot present a valid identification document corresponding to their ticket.

14 – Anyone may be required to undergo a security check at the entrance to the site and be required to present items they are carrying. Access may be refused to anyone who does not agree to submit to this security check without being able to claim any reimbursement.
You are reminded that it is strictly forbidden to bring in or attempt to bring in flares, smoke flares or other devices on to the site under penalty of prosecution (law of 06/12/1993). Equally, this applies to any object likely to constitute a weapon, to serve as a projectile or to present a danger to people. Please consult the official Tournament website for the list of prohibited items before making your trip here.

15 – The distribution of promotional goods such as: T-shirts, hats, caps, umbrellas, parasols etc … (or any other object visible to the general public and TV viewers of the Tournament) bearing a logo and/or a name likely to create a conflict of brand visibility on the Tournament site is strictly prohibited during the Tournament, to the exclusion of items from the Official Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters Store.
Signs or banners of any size of a political, ideological or religious nature are also prohibited.

16 – No TICKET holder may:
(a) Collect, distribute, transmit, publish or communicate, in a continuous manner from the Tournament grounds, any match results or corresponding statistics during the course of the game (from the start of a match until its conclusion, and this for any pretext of betting, gambling or trading).
(b) Film, photograph, broadcast, publish, transmit and/or offer publicly in any way (or help a third party to offer publicly), live or delayed, in whole or in part, whether free or for a fee, any audio recording, photograph, video footage, film and/or any audiovisual content recorded by any means whatsoever inside the tournament grounds (except as authorised by the Tournament Accreditation Charter).
(c) Use a telephone, computer and any other portable electronic device in the stands and boxes during matches.

17 – The TICKET holder authorises the event organisers to use the images taken on the tournament site and on which he/she could appear, in order to reproduce them on any medium, including documents that may be published to promote and/or advertise the event as well as the on broadcasts of the Tournament, and this, worldwide.

18 – Animals are strictly forbidden within the tournament grounds.

19 – Special conditions for reimbursement in the event of rain:
The following two conditions must be fulfilled jointly:
> The TICKET must have been purchased through ticket reservations on one of the official channels, before the day in question.
> There must have been less than an hour and a half of play on the court concerned and written on the numbered TICKET, between 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., on the day in question.
The TICKET fulfilling the above two conditions must be returned to S.M.E.T.T. within 5 days of the end of the Tournament, the postmark being taken as proof.
As part of the Hospitality Packages, the services associated with the TICKET (catering and others) will not be reimbursed since they will be maintained.
In the event of a formula including several days, the reimbursement will be made on a pro rata basis.

20 – In the event of a case of force majeure (and only in this precise case) which could lead to the total or partial cancellation, the postponement or the organisation of the Tournament behind closed doors or at a reduced spectator capacity (taking into consideration the normal capacity of the MCCC site), the S.M.E.T.T. will be released from any liability for non fulfillment, delayed or imperfect fulfillment of its obligations, and thereby forcing it to cancel all or part of the reservations made by its clients for the Tournament.
It is considered as a case of force majeure (non-exhaustive list):
(a) An exceptional natural event;
(b) A fire or explosion;
(c) A serious accident or national mourning in France or in the Principality of Monaco rendering the maintenance of the Tournament disrespectful or inappropriate;
(d) A general insurrection, a war, an attack or a terrorist act;
(e) Strikes outside the S.M.E.T.T. making it impossible to access the Tournament site;
(f) An interruption in the channels or means of communication managed collectively;
(g) An “Act of State”, an act of the government or of the community authorities;
(h) Pollution making it impossible to access the Tournament site;
(i) Endemics, epidemics and pandemics, as well as well as any decisions imposed by governmental, public, administrative or judicial authorities, French and/or Monegasque, aimed at combating them, and which would be binding on S.M.E.T.T. by having an impact on the organisation of the Tournament.

In the event of a case of force majeure resulting in the cancellation of the event, its taking place behind closed doors or with a reduced spectator capacity, the S.M.E.T.T. reserves the right to offer the persons concerned, within thirty days of the occurrence of the case of force majeure, a refund or a credit note for an amount equal to the amount of the purchase price of the services reserved (excluding booking fees) for the exclusive benefit of the order holder, if the Tournament cannot take place or if it cannot be postponed to a later date.
When a credit note is proposed, the buyers concerned will receive information relating to the amount of the credit note, as well as the terms and conditions of its validity.

21 – The TICKET holder undertakes to comply with all the health and/or security measures in force on French territory and any health protocol imposed by the competent authorities. In particular, the ticket holder undertakes to take all the necessary measures to enable his/her visit to the site.

22 – The processing of personal data transmitted when purchasing TICKETS is under the responsibility of the S.M.E.T.T. in compliance with the legislation in force relating to the protection of personal information. No information concerning the buyer is published, exchanged, transferred or assigned to any third party without the knowledge of the buyer. The S.M.E.T.T. is very attentive to respecting the private life of its clients and is scrupulous in protecting communicated personal data.
The collection of personal or nominative information by the S.M.E.T.T. is strictly limited to the needs of the services offered. These data are kept for a period of 5 years as of the last contact with our company.
In accordance with the applicable regulations, you have the right to access, rectify, oppose, limit and delete personal data concerning you by writing an email to info@smett.mc or by letter to:

Ticket Office
48, Boulevard d’Italie – Le Puccini
BP 212

23 – Any buyer or beneficiary of a TICKET agrees to comply with the provisions of the contract (the Ticket Sales Terms). Any violator accepts responsibility and faces the cancellation of his/her order without financial compensation or being excluded from the Tournament site.

24 – These Ticket Sales Terms are subject to change depending on any government or prefectural decisions that may be imposed on the S.M.E.T.T. The applicable law is French law and any difficulty relating to the interpretation or execution of these Ticket Sales Terms will fall under the jurisdiction of the French courts, regardless of the place of performance hereof or the domicile of the defendant.

Arrangements as of July 1, 2023