La Grande Nuit du Tennis

La Grande Nuit du Tennis is a gala evening organised each year since 1992 in the legendary Salle des Étoiles in the Sporting Monte-Carlo. This dinner plus show is attended by members of the Royal Family, players, sponsors and tournament partners, as well as members of the International Press and several VIPs.

The exclusive shows programmed for the prestigious evening are of exceptional quality. Over one thousand artistes have already performed, including the Moscow Circus on Ice, Kaoma, Tap Dogs, Shaolin Kung Fu, Arturo Bracchetti, Luz Casal, the Ukraine National Ballet, the New National Circus of China and the Todes Ballets of Russia…

The Gala will take place on Friday april 17th at 8:30 pm

Show “Spirit of the Dance”

Program 2020


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