14 April: Lucas Pouille

Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters
Sunday, 14 April 2019
Lucas Pouille
Press Conference
S. WAWRINKA/L. Pouille

7-5, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. The match started very well for you, and then there was a break. Then everything changed. What happened? What was the turning point?
LUCAS POUILLE: At the beginning of the first set we didn’t have a very good level, both of us. He gave out more points than myself, so I managed to make a break. Then he managed to break me back again.

When I was 5-4, there was a dropshot. Then I made a fault, then a double fault, and then he started raising his level of game. He started to play stronger and then up until 3-Love in the second. Then we started fighting, and it is true that during six games I was, like, not playing very well.

Q. Have you had the time to prepare yourself for this surface, clay? What did you think of today?
LUCAS POUILLE: The conditions were difficult for both of us. The wind was there. It was cold. As I was saying, at the beginning, there were mistakes on both sides, and we didn’t have long rallies. We didn’t play like we normally play on clay surface, so we didn’t play very well at the beginning.

Q. In Miami you were physically in very, very good shape, and despite the problems you had with the flu you had, do you feel fine now?
LUCAS POUILLE: Yes, I feel very well, but now I need to win lots of matches to get my confidence back again.

Q. I imagine that the confidence does make a big difference, especially against this kind of opponent. It wasn’t easy?
LUCAS POUILLE: Of course it wasn’t easy to play Stan on the first round, but then again, if you’re not seeded, there’s a big risk to being eliminated. So although Stan wasn’t seeded, either, still, it was a tough match.

Q. Do you have a new trainer? Is it a temporary arrangement, or are you changing…
LUCAS POUILLE: There was a change that we made after Miami. We decided not to work together anymore with Pascal.

Q. You wanted to work in a different way?
LUCAS POUILLE: Yes, we wanted to change things on a physical side.

Q. More concretely, what did you want to work in particular?
LUCAS POUILLE: I wanted to work differently and to have more stamina, strengthen the physical side and the game. We worked more than four years with Pascal, and I made lots of progress, thanks to Pascal, but I felt it was time for change. So we changed.

Q. This is a question on Davis Cup. I remember you were really against the new Davis Cup, but has your position changed? I know that you have also worked in the Patrick Mouratoglou Academy.
LUCAS POUILLE: As regards Patrick, we don’t have any association with the academy or Patrick himself. He kindly lent us his facilities, and I would like to thank him because it was incredible. I was able to prepare myself in a very good way.

And then, as for the Davis Cup, I still think the same. I still believe it is not the real Davis Cup, and it will not look like the wonderful Davis Cup we used to know. But unfortunately this has been decided, and there is nothing we can do about it now.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
LUCAS POUILLE: For the time being, I don’t know.

Q. On your clay tournament season, what are you going to do?
LUCAS POUILLE: Here, Barcelona, Rome, Roland, and then we will see. But the thing is that the signup period is over, so I may ask for a wildcard somewhere. We will see after Barcelona.

Q. After Miami, did you hesitate whether to strengthen yourself physically or to go for a tournament, or was it an easy decision? Apparently you chose to prepare yourself physically. And why? Why did you do that?
LUCAS POUILLE: I have already answered that. I really needed to work on my physical side, and if I wanted to go to Marrakech, I didn’t have enough time to prepare myself and to be strong enough. So I only had one week to be able to work, so it was very little time.

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