17 April 2018: Lucas Pouille (English)

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Lucas Pouille
Press Conference
M. ZVEREV/L. Pouille

2-6, 6-1, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. Did you think you were past the most difficult part when you won the first set?
LUCAS POUILLE: No, I didn’t believe this was the toughest part. Even if I won 6-2, I know I was not serving well. I was giving him opportunities to break me. My level of game was not good. In the second set, he played better and I was continuing to have a poor level of game.

After, he was the most aggressive player.

Q. How did he give you trouble?
LUCAS POUILLE: My game gave me trouble, rather. My game was not at a good level from the beginning to the end. He was serving well, playing well.

But it’s just me. I didn’t play well during the match.

Q. Were you tense maybe?
LUCAS POUILLE: No, I didn’t feel tense. I think it’s just the kind of match you need to forget and move on to something else.

Q. What happened? You have no idea?
LUCAS POUILLE: Well, I never had the same feeling that I had during practice. I’ll just forget about this match.

Q. You had good preparation and everything. What happened?
LUCAS POUILLE: It would be easy if we could know in advance how we’re going to feel on the court. I just need to think about something else now.

Q. But even stepping back, you don’t have any idea now what happened?
LUCAS POUILLE: Well, I’m just off the court for one hour. It’s too soon. I have no particular explanation.

Q. Is your schedule going to change after this loss? Are you going to play next week?
LUCAS POUILLE: Yes. I am in Budapest next week. My schedule will not change.

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