19 April 2018: David Goffin

Thursday, 19 April 2018

David Goffin

Press Conference
D. GOFFIN/R. Bautista Agut

6-4, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. What are you going to remember from this match?
DAVID GOFFIN: Many good things. In the second set there were big points that hurt me physically, but I was able to win them. After 4-1 and 5-1, there were two long games that I won, but later it turned in his favor, so…

He always fights until the last point. He gives away no points. You have to fight for each point. At 5-All, I was able to turn it up a notch for me to win the match. I was extremely pleased I was able to have a good reaction at 5-All in the second set.

I’m happy with my game overall.

Q. Do you believe your preparation helped you to be so intense during the match?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yes, I worked on my physical conditioning before Miami. When I came back from Miami, I trained again to prepare for the clay court season. I played more tennis, so I had a very good preparation for clay.

I feel good physically. Nothing hurts. I like to play on clay. I believe this helped me today to be able to be present in the match.

Q. There was an incident on court. Did you see what happened?
DAVID GOFFIN: I just saw the ball going straight to the ball boy. I was surprised he only had a warning. For me, if you send a ball at the head of a ball boy, you’re out.

I don’t know what the rules are exactly and how he could get a warning. He was saying the ball bounced, and the ball boy was there by coincidence. Bad luck for him.

Anyway, it was just an incident.

Q. When do you wear the lens on your eye? Just for practice?
DAVID GOFFIN: I wear it all the time. Every time I go on the court for practice or for matches, I use it.

Q. And in your daily life?
DAVID GOFFIN: No, I don’t wear it because it doesn’t bother me then. It’s better for me not to wear it all the time because my eye needs to get used to being back to normal. But when I play, this lens helps me.

Q. It’s supposed to be temporary?
DAVID GOFFIN: Normally, yes. The prognosis is good. I’m doing exercises every day to try to get both eyes at the same level again. I’m working to get the same vision that I had previously.

Q. In the match, did your eye bother you at any time? At 5-All, for example, maybe the sun? We thought you didn’t serve as well.
DAVID GOFFIN: I don’t think so. Anyway, I’m not thinking about it any more. I had many tests performed, and now the lenses I have are very good. I’m able to forget about it. This was the goal.

If I feel something bothering me, I’ll think about it all the time, and I will never be able to focus on tennis. Whereas now, I’ve gotten used to the lenses, and I’m not thinking about it any more.

Q. You remember the semifinal against Nadal where there was a ruling from the umpire against you? Are you still thinking about that?
DAVID GOFFIN: No, not at all. The frustration is more that I was not able to get back into the match after that. I had a good start. Otherwise a mistake from the umpire can happen. Nothing special.

Q. Your two next opponents might be Dimitrov or Kohlschreiber. Talk about the fact that Dimitrov is a friend of yours, that you play doubles with him, and tell us also about Kohlschreiber.
DAVID GOFFIN: With Grigor, we played each other often lately and practiced together, especially on clay. We know each other well. He is always a very tough opponent. He’s very physical. He moves around very well on the court. It’s very difficult for me to outrun him. On clay, I haven’t played him yet, I think. It will be a first.

Any match, a quarterfinal, whatever happens, we will have to play doubles together, and there will be no problem, not from me anyway.

If it’s Kohlschreiber, I believe he’s playing well the past weeks. He’s very consistent. He’s injury-free. When he plays on clay, he likes it, and he plays well. On clay, it’s his favorite surface, and he’s able to play very well. The match will be very difficult and very physical, I believe.

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