La Grande Nuit du Tennis

Do not miss: On Friday 15th April, Salle des Étoiles of the Sporting Monte-Carlo

Spirit of the Dance – 20 dancers on stage

This fabulous dance show of Irish origin is today celebrating 21 years of success on all five continents.

An explosive fusion of all the rhythms of the world (tap dance, flamenco, Scottish, salsa, hip hop, techno, Latin, street dance, cancan…) that takes dance to new heights, making it one of the most admirable shows in the world.

The twenty perfectly aligned dancers appear as only one on stage, such is their outstanding precision !

The brilliant lights, dazzling costumes and breathtaking choreography give rise to an enthusiastic standing ovation at every performance !

Four other shows are scheduled for the evening : Program

Mr. Teddy VALLEE
Ms Laetitia MENTA

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